Childhood health and nutrition

by in Children's Health February 4, 2017

Highly recommended viewing. Childhood health and nutrition is a great passion of mine. It is crucial that we are able to educate and empower parents about appropriate nutrition to ensure their own children are provided with the best possible start in life. Lack of knowledge, access and affordability are major concerns that need to be addressed. From conception, parents should be taught about the nutritional needs of the mother and the child. From birth, education should be provided about the varying degrees of nutritional needs from infancy to adolescents. We must make a change to impact the future of our species. After all, prevention is the key to optimal health and longevity. We are a privileged and rich nation yet, we are still facing an obesity epidemic and our rates of disease are still rising. Adequate nutrition is what fuels our biochemistry. Without it, we are unable to function and thrive.