Clinical Nutrition​

Clinical Nutrition

Clinical Nutrition is the utilisation of food, dietary adjustments and at times, supplements, to improve and prevent, obstacles to ill health. 

Unfortunately, the food that is accessible in the 21st Century, is a far cry away, from the food our great grandparents consumed. This as a result, has contributed to an influx of preventable diseases.

Nutrition isn’t just about eating nutritious food. It is also about how our body processes these foods.  Digestion begins from the moment we think about food or smell it. This activates our digestive enzymes and the chewing process in the mouth is essential to break down food to assist the digestive process.
Many factors influence the nutritional value of our food, such as the use of pesticides and herbicides, the quality of soil and how fresh the food is.

In today’s society, it is all about eating what is accessible, what is quick and not necessarily what is healthier or more nutritious. Thinking about how our food was grown or where it came from, hardly ever crosses our mind, yet are such important factors when looking at our health and wellbeing. 

To obtain all our nutrients through diet, is, of course, the ideal however, in many circumstances, nutritional supplements are required, for the short term, to correct nutritional imbalances that may take years to correct, with diet alone. 

It is through education, empowerment and changes to many facets of diet and lifestyle, that optimal health can be promoted and achieved. 

Annmarie looks at your diet closely, advises of nutritional changes, implements an individual dietary plan and prescribes nutritional supplements when required. It is all part of the holistic approach she applies to each and every one of her patients.