Environmental Toxin Exposure- How do you reduce the risk?

by in Health Tips September 6, 2019

Everywhere we look, breathe and eat, we are exposed to some element of environmental toxins. In most circumstances, the exposure is inevitable. Inevitable, because let’s face it, we can’t live in a bubble however, we do have control over many aspects of our life, that can make a huge and positive impact on reducing our toxin exposure. We can control our home environment, personal care products and the food and beverages we consume.

The research into the area of environmental toxicity has gained much traction and frankly, it is scary. We all know the main pollutants that can cause issues such as passive smoking, pesticides, herbicides, diesel exposure and the lists goes on however, we don’t realise the other toxins that we’re exposed to on a daily basis, or, what we’re unknowingly including in our daily hygiene and beauty routines.

Did you know that most conventional cosmetics, deodorants, perfumes, beverage bottles, receipts all contain a large quantity of phthalates, heavy metals and endocrine disruptive chemicals?

Most conventional make up, moisturisers, cosmetics, deodorants and perfumes contain a chemical concoction of ingredients that have been found to affect our health, particularly, our endocrine system and hormones as well as our memory, immune system and let’s face it, most of our body. Sure, it may be difficult to completely eliminate some of your favourite perfumes, deodorants or make up brands but there is a lot you can do on a daily basis, to avoid such toxins.

Ways to limit toxin exposure:

  • Switch to Natural deodorants. You may need to rotate a few different brands before you find one that suits however, changing deodorants will reduce your Aluminium exposure. Recommended brands include: Sativa, Black Chicken, Detox-A- Pit and No Pong
  • Avoid the use of plastic containers, plastic bottles and cling wrap. Switch to Pyrex/glass containers or stainless steel lunch boxes and make a switch to reusable coffee mugs and stainless steel drink bottles. For food coverings, look into bees wax covers or, place a plate over your food while refrigerating. This also makes it easy to stack leftovers in your fridge.
  • Make a switch to natural house cleaning products. These products work just as well as conventional products, just without the chemicals. Recommended brands include, EnviroClean, Abode, EcoStore and Cindarella
  • Replace body washes, cleansers, moisturisers and soaps for natural alternatives. Brands include Antipodes, Sativa, Akin, Herbon, Dr Bronner’s and Melrose.
  • Consuming organic food would be ideal however, at times, either not affordable or accessible. With this in mind, at least, consume foods from the clean 15 and avoid the dirty dozen.

Making these simple changes, can greatly reduce your toxic burden and overall toxin load, which in turn, can strongly influence your overall health.